We want to offer this unique and wondrous natural product to the consumer, under the best harvesting, preserving and packaging conditions in our modern unit, which satisfies all the requirements for this purpose.


Ioannis Stiliaras, a dental technician by profession, commenced the “journey with bees” as a hobby, alongside with his job. Pursuing a high quality nutrition, he enriched his knowledge on beekeeping and entrepreneurship and eventually became the first beekeeper that delved into the organic honey production in the Mountainous Region of Nafpaktia.

The journey dates back in his childhood and started in the village Daphne, where his grandfather traditionally kept a permanent apiary. This is where he received the first stimuli and knowledge and thus, traditional beekeeping evolved from the old buckets to modern hives with moving frames. Along the way, his enterprise evolved with the creation of a modern packaging plant, which is constantly brought up to date, with the aid of his daughter. Their effort is to make the “premium” honey of their region known to as many countries as possible.


We are located at the southest point of the Pindus mountain range, which almost touches the Corinthian Gulf- the Gulf of Patras. This is the region of Mountainous Nafpaktia and Mountainous Fokida. The distance from the sea to the mountain, at an altitude of approximately 1200m, is an one-hour route. This route is covered in wild vegetation. At high altitude, the trees prevailing are fir, oak trees, chestnut trees, and at semi-mountainous areas strawberry-trees, heaths and many more apicultural plants. At the coastline of Fokida and Aitoloakarnania we come across thyme.

In general, it is a region with high beekeeping significance and unique honey!


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