5 reasons


a.The beekeeper “by profession” is particularly sensitive and has every reason to care for an environment free from dangers. Bees gather their food from millions of blossoms which favor nature and thrive in this natural environment. Both plants and bees are negatively influenced, when their environment is disturbed by different factors (herbicides, plant protection products, exhaust fumes and other pollutants). Entire apiaries can disappear, when the clean water is contaminated by industrial waste. Similarly, when fires devastate forests and intensive farming limits the available flora, the bees are those who pay the prize.

b.The beekeeper respects the high quality products of the hive. The minimum chemical substances that are used to deal with bee diseases, even though they do not bare any dangers for the consumer, they can be replaced by natural substances, which are quickly decomposed and leave no traces on the bee products.

c.The consumer trusts more and prefers best the organic beekeeping products.

d.Beekeeping can easily change from conventional to organic. From the widely known bee diseases, only varroatosis requires medical treatment. All the other bee diseases (virus infections, foulbrood, nosema, fungus diseases etc), can be treated with alternative, medicine-free, solutions.

e.The European Union will subsidize beekeeping practice under the principles of organic farming, due to the high-quality products it yields.

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