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Coniferous Forest and Blossom Honey 950gr

Melenia: Coniferous Forest and Blossom Honey 950gr

Code: 5200124810393

Available in packages of 300gr, 450gr και 950gr.

– Weight: 1257 gr
– Net Weight: 950 gr
– Producer: Stiliaras Honey & Partners 
– Place of Harvest: Greece


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Coniferous Forest and Blossom Honey: a combination of pine trees, oak trees, fir and blossoms. Pleasant taste and relatively slow crystallization.

It combines coniferous trees with blossoms, namely pine trees, oak trees and blossoms. Its taste is sweet and soft. This particular honey originates in the pine-tree forests of Evia and Thasos, the oak and fir trees of Mountainous Nafpaktia and Mountainous Dorida and selected blossoms of our region.

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