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Fir and Blossom Honey 950gr

Melenia: Fir and Blossom Honey 950gr

Code: 5200124810119

Available in packages of  8gr(stick), 30gr, 300gr, 450gr, 750gr, 950gr

– Weight: 1257 gr
– Net Weight: 950 gr
– Products: Stiliaras Honey & Partners 
– Place of Harvest: Greece

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We collect this fine red fir and blossom honey from our region. The combination of red fir and flowers create an exquisite product, a true gift from nature. 5-10% of the annual Greek production consists of fir honey. It is characterized as honeydew because it is parasitized by insects, mainly Physokermes hemicryphus.

Fir Honey is one of the Greek honey categories which stands out for its notably nice taste and distinctive appearance. It contains low reducing sugars, that is a low natural dextrose and fructose content. It does not crystallize, due to the low percentage of glucose, something that renders it highly-valued.

This honey has won a golden star at the international competition GREAT TASTE 2018, in England.


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