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Thyme Blossom Honey 450gr

Melenia: Thyme Blossom Honey 450gr

Code: 5200124810096

It crystallizes in a time period of 6-18 months after its production.

– Weight: 654 gr
– Net Weight: 450 gr
– Producer: Stiliaras Honey & Partners 
– Place of Harvest: Greece


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Thyme Honey belongs to the best existing honey qualities. 10% of the approximate 12.000-tone annual production in Greece is thyme honey. The high quality of this honey is attributed to its fine fragrance and taste. Thyme Honey has a pleasant taste but, sometimes, its high fructose concentration gives our throat a sense of burning. Its fragrance is pleasant and distinctive.

Not only does Thyme Honey have antiseptic and tonic properties, but it also increases people’s energy and natural powers. It has a distinctive light color and crystallizes in a time period from 6 to 18 months, depending on its pure nature.

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