Honey, according to the ancient world, contributes, not only to the well-being of man but to his longevity as well. It is a indispensable ingredient of his daily diet.Quick energy source for the body, honey, is an ideal food for athletes , children , pregnant women and sick people, as it has unique antiseptic and tonic properties.

Greek honey is worthily one of the best honeys produced in the world .
Due to the fact that honey technology is not very advanced in our country, Greek honey is a product of minimum standardization and process, and is produced primarily thanks to the care and passion of the Greek beekeeper.The quality of Greek honey is being checked annually .

Dental technician by profession, John Styliaras, is engaged in his “journey with bees” alongside his job, by hobby, and has since then, enhanced his knowledge of beekeeping and entrepreneurship . Currently, he is probably the only beekeeper engaged in the production of organic honey in Nafpaktos. His goal is to achieve high quality nutrition..
Bees, by pollination, contribute to the biodiversity of nature, to the enrichment of the soil with organic matter, to the improvement of grass pastures, to the protection of the land from erosion and generally to the conservation the biological balance of the planet .